Medical Practitioners at the Trainyards Medical Centre in Ottawa

The medical practitioners at Trainyards Medical Centre in Ottawa are friendly, fully-qualified, and motivated to maintain and improve your wellness.

Trainyards Medical Centre’s Medical Physicians

Medical Physicians in Ottawa

Dr. Downar-Zapolski, Zbigniew Family Physician
Dr. Deheja, Sudha Pediatrician
Dr. Lo, Alex Family Physician
Dr. Benoit, Marie-Jose Family Physician
Dr. Ahmed, Maheen Pediatrician/Nephrologist
**Accepting Pediatric Nephrology Referrals
**Accepting New Patients in General Pediatrics
Dr. Bacskai, Steve Family Physician/Walk-in
Dr. Boyd, Bryan Family Physician/Walk-in
Dr. Chalifour, Robert Family Physician/Psychotherapy
Dr. Dufresne, Maurice Family Physician
Dr. Effendi, Mona Family Physician
Dr. Engel, Andre Pediatrician
Dr. Farhadi, Elham Pediatrician
Dr. Asghar, Ayesha Family Physician/Cosmetic Botox and Fillers
Dr. Iny, Alan Family Physician/Walk-in
Dr. LeBrun, Paul Family Physician
Dr. Ning, Jean Noel Walk-in
Dr. Touchie, Michael Walk-in
Dr. Samrai, Gurinder Family Physician/Walk-in
Dr. Amini, Zarlasht Pediatrician/ Endocrinologist
**Accepting Pediatric Endocrinology Referrals
**Accepting New Patients in General Pediatrics


Drolet, Marjorie Chiropractor/Rehab Director
Roache, James Registered Massage Therapist
Desai, Roma Physiotherapist
Boucher, Genevieve Physiotherapist – On Maternity Leave
Lamarre, Valerie Chiropractor