Ottawa’s Trainyards Medical Centre Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I be seen if my physician is not available?
You may be seen by a physician at the Walk-in Clinic.
2What are your specialties?
Trainyards Medical Centre is a full-service, family-oriented business and medical centre offering Family Physician, Pediatric and Walk-in Clinic services, including Chiropractic, Cosmetic Botox and Fillers, Pediatric Nephrology, Physiotherapy, Psychotherapy, and Registered Massage.
3How can I get help when the clinic is closed?
If your regular family physician is unavailable and the Trainyards Medical Centre Walk-in Clinic is closed, visit your nearest emergency room at a hospital.
4What if I need advice but I do not have a physician at Trainyards Medical?
You are welcome to speak with one of our physicians at the Walk-in Clinic.
5How do I find a physician?
A full list of physicians is available on the Practitioners page on our website.
6Is there parking available? Is there a cost?
Trainyards Medical Centre offers free parking.
7Is there a lab? When does the lab open?
Trainyards Medical Centre does not have an on-site lab. Dynacare does daily pick-ups for various in-clinic sample collections, such as urine and swabs.
8How do I get a referral to see a specialist?
To get a specialist referral, please book an appointment with your family physician or see one of our physicians at the Walk-in Clinic.
9What services are not covered by OHIP?
Services not covered by OHIP include those that are not medically necessary, such as cosmetic surgery or sick notes (Doctor’s notes).
10Will you call me with results?
Your results are only discussed in person with your physician in confidence.
11Do you give out phone advice?
Trainyards Medical Centre does not give out phone advice. Please book an appointment or see a physician at the Walk-in Clinic.
12Can I get Hepatitis A and B shots for travel at Trainyards Medical Centre?
Yes, Trainyards Medical Centre offers Hepatitis A and B shots, available through your family physician or a physician at the Walk-in Clinic.
13Do I need to book an appointment to see my physician?
Yes, please book an appointment. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee their availability.
14Can I book an appointment for my child with the pediatrician?
Yes, please book an appointment.
15How do I choose Trainyards Medical for my primary care needs?
To become our patient, contact us. We will walk you through the steps needed to become one of our patients. We are a community-oriented medical office that offers a wide range of services with friendly staff who welcome people from all walks of life.
16What health plans/billing options does Trainyards Medical Centre accept?
Trainyards Medical Centre accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Debit for non-OHIP patients. The Rehabilitation Clinic accepts various health plans for treatment. Trainyards Medical Centre does direct billing with third-party insurance plans for motor vehicle accident (MVA) patients and direct billing for WSIB and Blue Cross.
17What should I do if my physician is fully booked?
You may wait until they are available for an appointment or if you would like to be seen immediately, you are welcome to visit one of the physicians at the Walk-in Clinic.